Pray for the construction of “SHALOM BHAVAN” Old age home.

A few months ago, a family who is a believer in our church came to visit us. The wife said that my husband is a terrible alcoholic who will not give my children any peace, will not let them stay at home, will not let them study. We have no peace to stay at home, so please arrange a good place for our children to stay.

I also looked and inquired in some places and saw if I could get a house somewhere for them to stay, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. A few days later, I spread a plastic sheet and pitched a tent in a small place near my house. I asked if you guys could stay there. They are very happy to stay in the canopy tent we made.

But there were no windows, only one door. It is very hot during the day, so they come and stay in the living room of our house. They sleep in that tent only at night. A few days and a few months passed like this.

The rainy season came, the wind was fierce, the rain was torrential, and the water flowed in, out, and under the tent. When I saw the situation, I cried and prayed to the Lord, Lord, give me a place and a building to accommodate such people.

The Lord heard my prayer. My brother-in-law, the owner of that land, was trying to sell the same land for which I was praying.  Lord helped us to buy that land through His people. Right now we are praying for a building to be built there for widows, orphans and the elderly.

The buildings cost around $ 50,000/-

So far we have received  $ 32,604/- dollars in donation.

Please join us in praying for these building needs! Please help if the Spirit of the Lord speaks to your heart to help with these needs. May the love, grace and the peace of the Lord be with you all, Amen!


Gospel film outreach in villages

Gospel in Hospitals, Schools, Park and Beach area

Convention Meetings

Helping Poor & Needy

Free Tuition Center & Computer

Church Planting

Children’s Ministry

Gospel Film Outreach in villages

People watching Gospel film in a village in India

Bethel Gospel Outreach Ministries is a wing of India Christian Fellowship dedicated to proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ with the primary aim of reaching the unreached people in India. By the Grace of God and the help of our beloved sponsors, we have a gospel van with a projector, generator, sound box, and other outreach equipment to show the Jesus Film in the villages of India. We go to villages in the evening, going door to door giving out gospel tracts and informing the people that there will be a gospel film playing in their village. After the film we share the gospel and distribute New Testaments. We also pray for people, covering their many needs. You can visit our Photo Gallery page for more pictures. Please remember to pray over all our works for the Lord and His Kingdom.

One of the answers for our prayer…

We want to thank all our sponsors who sacrificially helped us to buy this van this year 2019. This is one of the answers for our prayer. We been praying for a big van for the past 3 years. By the Grace of God and through the help of our beloved sponsors we could able to buy this van.

One of our Gospel Outreach Crusade meetings…

Now a days we are having 3 Days Convention Gospel Outreach meetings twice in every month. We are reaching all the near by areas with the Gospel. We preach the Word of God through Video by showing  them what is going on in this last days and the second coming of Jesus Christ. Please continuously uphold us in your prayers.

Gospel in Hospitals, Schools, Beaches and Parks

26 a
Anitha is sharing the gospel in a hospital

Paul and Anitha, as well as Anitha’s sister and brother-in-law, Ajitha and Arabinda, visit hospitals with Gospel. We meet the patients one by one and share the gospel and pray over them. We comfort them with love and encourage them with God’s Word. Many patients are blessed by our prayers and felt true peace in their hearts despite their situation. After sharing the gospel with the patients, we feel so blessed and happy for them and we pray for them continuously.

Hand over the Gospel Tracts to the people in the beech…

Recently Me and my Friend who work with me in Gospel outreaches we visited a beach called Kovalam Beach, Trivandrum, Kerala to distribute Gospel Tracts. As this beach is a very well known beach all over the world. So we can see lot of English people here for the summer vacation. So I was praying for Gospel Tracts with our church name on it to distribute to these people. By the Grace of God and through the help of one of our sponsors we could able to print 100,000 Gospel tracts in four different Indian languages. By the Grace of God we have met lot of people and handed over the Gospel tracts. We faced a small opposition from one guy, but still we were able to pass Gospel tracts to the other people there. We are praying for him and believe the Lord will change his heart towards Jesus! Please Pray for this Kingdom works. Please visit Gallery page for more pictures. We need your help to reach more people in the days to come. May the Lord reward you greatly for what you have done for His Kingdom works. God bless you all.

Convention Meetings

We conduct convention meetings in our church and also in public places. We invite gospel music teams to lead worship and a preacher to preach the Word of God to the people. The conventions can last for three days or more.

Helping The Poor And Needy

Anitha and Joel helped in packing Bibles in School Bags for Distribution in the year 2013…

We help the poor and needy by giving them clothes, food, and study materials. Every year we provide the school children back-packs, note books, and even financial help for their education when needed. This year we are praying and getting ready to meet the needs of 500 Kids both South and North India in this May 2023. Please join with us in prayers for these educational needs of 500 kids. We are praying for 200 school back bags which costs $7 for each bag. We also praying for Free Note books for 300 kids which costs $3 for each kid. Total need for this Academic year 2023- 2024 will be $2300. Thanking God for our sponsor Wes Graham and family who helped us to meet the needs for the Academic year 2022-2023. You too come forward to help these children and also can bring hope for a better future.

Free Notebook Distribution 2022 

Every School back bag and Free Note book contains New Testaments and Gospel Tracts in it! We need your prayers and support to meet this needs! You can make a difference in a Kid’s life in this Summer 2020! May the Lord bless you richly! We also have a heart to help the elderly who have been rejected by their own sons and daughters.

Free Tuition Center & Computer

Anitha is teaching the students

Paul’s wife, Anitha, is running the Free Tuition Center for the children after they get back from school. We provide the children with toys for a playtime before they spend time studying. Anitha tutors them in their regular school subjects as well as teaches them English and computer skills.

Church Planting

Our 5 th Church built in February 2020

By the Grace of God and through the help of our beloved Sponsors we could able to built our 5th Church in Aladarput, West Bengal India this February 2020.

“OUR VISION”  29 Churches in 29 States in India… 5 Churches been built… Join with us to build 24 more Churches in the coming days…

Please join with us in prayers and help us to build many Churches in coming days. Our goal is to build Churches in all the states of India.  It costs about $5000 US dollars to build a Church in a village here.  You can be a part in building Churches here in India. May the Lord richly bless you and family for your help in this 5th Church.  Also Join with us in prayers for a Old age home for the elderly people, widows and orphans. 

Children’s Ministry

Vacation Bible School 2022

Every year our church has a Vacation Bible School program for six days. Children from our village and surrounding areas participate. We sing, dance, teach Bible stories, play games, and much more. We divide the children into four groups according to their age. We have a syllabus for each group and our teachers teach them Bible lessons accordingly. On the last day we award the children with gifts and certificates according to their accomplishments and take them on a picnic.